A Good Thing

You ever meet someone who you knew was out your league?

I did.

I want to pause for a second and highlight the woman who has been my oxygen since 2005.


KaToya Sumner. My gorgeous wife.

As this blog returns soon to its consistent-self, full of banter that portrays my life’s adventures, I have to introduce many of you to the sidekick, of the guy who writes things occasionally that shouldn’t even be thought of.

In a nutshell, we started dating on the day of our high school graduation, dated through college, got married in school, had a baby, moved across the country then moved across the world.

I still can’t really believe how I got her.

My “game” at that time was on Urkel. I had some leftover baby-weight that refused to go away, a Mazda 626 with no a/c and a bent up trunk that no longer opened from the outside and daily I quoted phrases from Dragon Ball Z. (you know that show was bananas. Don’t lie.)

Nonetheless, I’m eternally grateful.

I love my wife for millions of reasons but probably the number one reason why my heart burns endlessly for her, is simple.

She’s better than me.

Daily she showcases the compassion, love, hard-work ethic, charisma, consistency, I’d never dream of. Shucks, I’d much rather stay at home, eat a box of Star Crunch in an afternoon, and enjoy our son. Yet, she challenges my lackadaisical posture to continue to strive for excellence.

Many of you know us and would maybe think that we are great together. Thanks, I’ll take that. But please know that she’s carrying most of the weight. It hasn’t always been a walk in the park.

I used to really suck.

Once, I took a walk with a mutual friend, who was a girl, at 3AM, in college because we weren’t tired. (KaToya is my only girlfriend. I didn’t have much “boyfriend” experience to go off of, except for reruns of Fresh Prince.) I told you I used to suck. Past tense.

In life, we always utilize our human bodies to do work, play sports, enjoys our favorite activities, yet, never for a moment think of the millions of cells, organs and bones, that allow us to do the things we love; backstage, behind the scenes, without recognition.

KaToya is my backbone.

Now, as I type this post, in a hotel thousands of miles away, she’s remained behind for a few weeks to work, take care of our son, empty our storage pretty much single-handedly, drive across the country and still has managed to encourage me.


Seven years later, so much has changed between us. My weight, our finances and our family structure are just to name a few, but one thing hasn’t.

I still don’t deserve her.


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6 Comments on “A Good Thing”

  1. sophbee Says:

    awwww *tear* She really is great! Love her, miss her!

    She a shcrong (strong) woman indeed.

    Ya’ll compliment each other on the real tho…..fun couple!

  2. Ivana Says:

    This post is so great!!!! Love and miss you guys!! Will definitely be following the blog.. Didn’t know you had this romance in you… China has been putting you up on game! Go KaToya! Can’t wait to hear all of your adventures

  3. charmedbylove Says:

    wow, its really rare nowadays to find someone you love who was actually your childhood sweetheart. really happy for both of you!

  4. Bonita Says:

    It is so refreshing to know there are married couples that grasp the true concept of what marriage is. Two Thumbs up! Beautiful, just beautiful!

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