2011: Part ONE

2011 will be the greatest year of your life.

Sounds good doesn’t it.

Well, I have good news. 2011 could be the greatest year of your life.

I also have bad news. 2011 could also just be another year.

pic from Flickr neilpomerleau

Crazy, right?

I was talking with my wife at the end of 2010 and inquired, “why do we always see the upcoming year as THE year?”

Is it just I?

Am I the only one who struggled with the idea that the “new” year will bring a better job, a better marriage, a better relationship, better health, more money, more traveling, more adventure, more of this and more of that.

The problem with this thought is: you.

As much as we wouldn’t like to admit it, we are the roots of the issue. Somehow, the world didn’t get the memo because when the clock hit 12:00am and the calendar flipped to January 1, 2011, you were supposed to transform. You were supposed to be more diligent with your diet and more discipline with going to the gym. You were supposed to be a harder worker on your job, a better husband, a greater mom, and a smarter student.

I’m sitting here, unlike you, and I’ve already failed to accomplish goals I set out for this year.

Despite the date, nothing has changed.


This world is broken.

And with a broken world could any year really be your greatest?

(To be continued)





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2 Comments on “2011: Part ONE”

  1. Toy Says:

    Let’s see the to be continued, I am sure that we can all very well relate. What if there were no goals set… then what? Would you feel like you failed anything if you didn’t set anything and rolled with the flow?! Just questions that came to mind.

  2. Gloria Says:

    I guess I’m looking foward to part 2

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